34" depth
12" x 17" rock max
112" x 214" rock min



Attachment to Formwork

Form liners can be mounted to their forms with drywall screws either through the face or the back of the liner. Plywood embedded T-nuts are available on urethane liners. For optimal results, follow the full instructions in the application guide.

Form Release

Form release should be applied on all form liners. A VOC compliant, vegetable oil based, release should be tested on the liners before the wall is cast.

Technical Support

Call Fast Formliners at (636) 322-0080 or send us an email.

Other Stone & Rock Patterns

2" depth
1314" x 2212" rock max
5" x 9" rock min


2" depth
1112" x 2512" rock max
312" x 12" rock min


112" depth
1314" x 37" rock max
314" x 15" rock min